School Girl Sex Story – Tentacle Tuesday

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Chapter 1 – Masturbation Monday

Chapter 2: Tentacle Tuesday

After a long day of sweat and cum, Daisy slept soundly, Monday night through early Tuesday morning. Then, at around 6:00 AM, Daisy’s leg starts to twitch. The next chapter of Daisy’s school girl sex story begins…

Hentai Chutzpah 

Daisy dreams she is a courageous demon-hunter stationed in Demon City, Toyko. A cunning demon with blue and purple tentacles sneaks into her room while she sleeps. He coils his tentacles around her, trapping her in her own bed. Daisy awakes in a presumptuous predicament. 

Since Daisy is trapped, the demon’s will decides her fate. One of his soothingly slippery tentacles slides down her neck, then across her breast. The velvety tentacle tickles her nipple, and Daisy’s pussy begins to moisten. Another tentacle slowly slides up Daisy’s thigh, then briefly stops before reaching her pussy. 

Tentacle Sex by Daisy Chain Cosplay

Each of her nipples receives tentacle titillation. A third tentacle slowly circles around her pussy, before sliding over her clit. By now, Daisy is moaning. She can feel her cum drip down her thigh. Her pussy is so wet, a fourth tentacle just slides, all the way, deep inside Daisy’s tight virgin pussy.

Daisy screams, and a fifth tentacle slides down her throat, gagging her and making her pussy cum even more!

“Ring! Ring! Ring!”

Daisy’s alarm goes off. It is time to get ready for school.

Morning Masturbation – School Girl Sex

As Daisy lays naked in bed, she places her finger on her clit, applying slight pressure as she rubs. She feels her finger moisten as she imagines it is a demon’s tentacle raping her. It feels so good! “I need a tentacle inside me,” Daisy thinks as she vibrates her finger on her clit. 

Just then, she hears a knock at the door. Her mother calls her down for breakfast. While Daisy eats breakfast with her family, she fantasizes about getting fucked by tentacles.

School girl plays with pussy

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The Drive

Daisy gets into her Bentley Bentayga and shuts the door. Then, wondering why Richard didn’t show up yesterday, she pulls her secret phone out of the glove box and checks for messages. There are several messages from Richard. He started texting yesterday at 2:45 PM. “Ah!” Daisy blurts out, “I forgot to tell him yesterday was an early release day!”

Richard relentless texts Daisy

She texts Richard:

"Aww, honey!  Yesterday was an early release day.  You showed up 2 hours too late.  Better luck next time!  Call my main phone."

Daisy lifts her skirt and places her main cell phone on her bare pussy. The phone feels good vibrating on Daisy’s clit, so she drives to school with a smile.  Daisy usually calls Richard on the way to school, but not today. “If Richard thinks I’m angry, he won’t give me any shit,” she thinks.

Get To Class

As Daisy grabs her books out of her locker, Sara approaches. “Hey, Daisy!” Sara calls out, “do you want to come to my house after school? Ari and I want to play with you.”  

“Are you guys gonna make me cum?” Daisy asks.

“Of course, we will! We both want to lick and rub all over your body.”

“Awesome! There are a couple things I really want to do!”

“Name it?”

“I want to see your brother play with your pussy, and I want to suck his cock while you lick my pussy and finger me.”

“Anything for you, Daisy!”

“Sweet!, oh, and one more thing… do you think you guys can find a tentacle dildo? I really want to lose my virginity to a tentacle!”

“I am sure I can find one, but I will probably have to order it. I’ll get the fastest shipping! I promise!”

School GIrl Daisy

Just then, Principal Hoffman walks up. “Girls! Get to class! The first bell already rang!”

“Yes, sir!” the girls say in unison. Daisy gives the thumbs up to Sara and hurries to class. She rushes upstairs then detours to the girls’ bathroom. She is in such a rush, she didn’t notice the “Do Not Enter” sign. She enters to find the Janitor mopping the floor.

Looking at the Janitor, Daisy’s pussy starts to tingle. He is about 50, with grey hair and an average build. “I love dirty old men,” she thinks to herself. “I wonder if Mr. Janitor qualifies.”

The Janitor notices Daisy, “You’re gonna have to use another bathroom…”

Too turned on to be bashful, Daisy lifts her skirt, exposing her naked pussy. The Janitor’s eyes widen, and his mouth salivates. “Get on your knees!” Daisy commands him.

The Janitor gets on his knees, and Daisy walks over and puts her pussy in his mouth. He grabs her ass and sucks her pussy. It feels incredible! “I finally found a man who knows how to handle my pussy” Daisy thinks to herself before letting out a moan.

The Janitor stops. “You have to be quiet. I don’t want to lose my job and go to jail.” “But my pussy is worth it,” Daisy responds. “I will try to keep it down. But no promises.”

The Janitor continues sucking her pussy. Her legs vibrate in his hands as her pussy gushes, boiling hot cum all over his face and mouth. “Wow! You sure have a sweet pussy” the Janitor tells her. “You have a sweet tongue!” Daisy responds. Daisy writes her secret phone number on toilet paper, hands it to the Janitor, and then exits the bathroom.

Lick pussy
School girl cum face

Finally, Daisy is ready to go to class, but she is interrupted by Principal Hoffman’s stern voice, “Daisy! I told you over ten minutes ago to get to class. You are late! I will not tolerate this insubordination. Get to detention.”

Daisy is not turned on by Principal Hoffman because “he’s too annoying,” she thinks. Without hesitation, Daisy heads to detention, where she spends the remainder of the day.

After School Sex Story

The detention teachers were stringent and even walked Daisy to the bathroom. As a result, Daisy was unable to have her daily stairwell encounter. However, she is so excited to visit Sara and Ari! Daisy drives 80+ miles an hour all the way to their house.

Daisy arrives and sees a black BMW 5 series sedan with darkly tinted windows in the driveway. “That must be a popular car!” Daisy thinks as she walks up the pathway and rings the doorbell. 

A dark-haired man answers the door, and Daisy does a double-take. “Uhh, I am here to see Sara and Ari?” The man looks at Daisy inquiringly. “My name is Daisy,” she explains, “We go to school together. “

“Nice to meet you, Daisy! My name is Richard. I am Sara and Ari’s stepdad.”

Anime School Girl with Big Boobs

“Richard?! I thought that was you! I guess I have a thing for your family.”

“Stepfamily,” Richard corrects. “Are you going to cheat on me with my wife’s kids?”

“We are not together!” Daisy answers sternly, “You exist to make me cum and give me money. And yesterday, you didn’t even show up! So now it’s your step kids turn.” Daisy blows Richard a kiss before walking off.

“Wait!” Richard calls out. Daisy turns back with an eyebrow raised, and Richard explains, “I apologize. I was out of line. Do you think I could feel your pussy one time before you play with the school kids?”

“Not before,” Daisy responds, “You haven’t earned it! But if you are good, maybe after.” Daisy winks. “I can do something for you. I will video call you on my phone, so you can watch me cum. So enjoy watching me cum, and don’t get jealous!”

“Yes, Ma’am,” Richard responds.

“All I ask of you,” Daisy explains, “is $1,000.”

Richard goes to his room and comes back with ten $100 bills. He hands them to Daisy and thanks her. He also gives her a tiny spy camera and tells her, “it may be easier to use this.”

“Perfect!” Daisy excepts the camera, and Richard shows her to Ari’s room.

Ari is ecstatic to see Daisy and greets her with an ear-to-ear smile and sensual hug.

“Now, go get Sara!” Daisy instructs Ari. Once he leaves, she places the spy camera and starts recording.

FPS Sex Game

Daisy notices the classic Wolfenstein on Ari’s gaming computer. Ari and Sara walk in. “I love killing Nazis!” Daisy explains. “Do you guys wanna play a game?”

“Yes, ma’am!” the siblings say in unison. 

“Awesome! My pussy is wet already!” Daisy tells her friends. “So this is how it will work. I am gonna play Wolfenstein while Sara rubs my clit. She got such a great touch! Ari, you keep your finger by my pussy. When I shoot a Nazi, slide the tip of your finger inside me. When I pass the level, put your finger all the way, deep inside me, finger me, and make me cum.”


“Yes, ma’am!” the siblings say with a smile. 

Gamer GIrl Pussy From behind playing Wolenstein

Daisy, Ari, and Sara take off their clothes. Daisy leans over the computer desk with her legs slightly spread and begins to play. Sara puts lotion on her finger, then stands behind Daisy, reaching her hand from the front to Daisy’s clit. Sara gently rubs. Daisy spreads her legs a bit more.

Ari keeps his index finger touching Daisy’s pussy hole, then inches it in and out each time Daisy gets a kill. Daisy is really good at the game, so Ari’s finger soon becomes soaked.

Daisy trembles and moans, trying desperately to beat the level so she can feel Ari’s finger deep inside her. Ari’s cock is rock hard and pulsating, and Sara’s pussy is soaked as she fantasizes about licking Daisy’s pussy.

Geek Gamer Girl - Daisy Chain Cosplay

Finally, Daisy beats the level. Ari is shaking in excitement as he pushes his finger deep inside her. He repeatedly puts his finger in, then pulls it out, as Daisy screams and her pussy gushes.

While the school friends play, Richard watches from the spycam. He lays in his bed stroking his cock, imagining that his dick is deep inside Daisy. Daisy can sense Richard’s iniquitous excitement, even while in another room. And it turns Daisy on even more!

Sara sits in the chair, her head directly below Daisy’s pussy. She sticks her tongue out and licks Daisy’s clit as Ari fingers Daisy from behind.

Bedtime Harley Quinn - Daisy Chain Cosplay

It’s Bedtime!

After Daisy cums, “It’s bedtime!” she announces, heading for Ari’s bed. She lays naked in Ari’s bed and says, “I really want to suck your cock, but first, I want you to make Sara cum. Play with her pussy!”

Sara lays naked on her back, next to Daisy. Daisy immediately starts rubbing Sara’s boobs. Ari puts some lotion on his finger and gently rubs his sister’s clit. Sara begins to moan. She had sexual thoughts about her brother before. Still, until Daisy’s intervention, Sara never had the guts to act on it.  

Daisy observes Sara’s enjoyment and whispers in her ear, “You’re a dirty slut, just like me.” Daisy softly kisses Sara’s ear then moves down, kissing her neck.  


School girl pussy rub

Ari squeezes lotion on Sara’s pussy, then rubs up and down from her clit to the outside of her pussy hole. Then, he rubs Sara’s clit as his other hand approaches Sara’s pussy.

Daisy sucks Sara’s nipple with her eyes wide open, fixated on Ari’s finger entering his sister’s pussy.

Sara screams “Ari!!!” very loudly. Daisy moves down to get a closer look and starts rubbing Sara’s clit as Ari fingers her. Sara’s screams get loud and more intense as she cums all over Ari’s finger.

“Wow!” exclaims Daisy, “I love it! Now Sara, lick my pussy while I suck Ari’s cock!”

Daisy lays on her back with her legs spread as Sara licks her pussy. Ari hangs over Daisy’s head and fucks her mouth with his big hard cock. Daisy is so turned on! Sara’s face is covered with Daisy’s cum, and Daisy feels Ari’s cock heating up and pulsating in her mouth. Ari can’t hold out very long, and Daisy loves the taste of his cum shooting down her throat.

After Ari cums in Daisy’s mouth, she leans over then passionately kisses Sara.

Daisy naked in bed

Daddy’s Turn

Still naked, Daisy leaves Ari’s room. She walks down the hall and into Richard’s room and finds him naked on his bed.

“What time does your wife get home?”

“She’s out of town on business.”

“Sweet! For how long?”

“She comes back Friday afternoon. So we have plenty of time.”

Daisy approaches Richard, brushes her hand against the side of his face, and looks deeply into his eyes, “How much did you love cumming to me?”

Richard responds, “It was magnificent! The only thing better would be cumming with you.”

Daisy slowly rubs her own clit and asks Richard, “Do you want to fuck my sweet pussy?”

“Yes! More than anything! What will it take? I have $10,000 in the safe.”
“That’s it? Give me the $10,000.”

Richard goes to the safe, removes the money, then hands it to Daisy.

“This isn’t enough to fuck my virgin pussy,” Daisy explains, “but I’ll let you play with my pussy, as long as you promise to make me cum.” Richard eagerly agrees, Daisy lays naked in his bed, and he starts rubbing her clit. Then Richard places his tongue on Daisy’s pussy, licking it as he slowly slides his finger inside her pussy. Daisy senses how unbelievably turned on Richard is, making her extremely horny. Her pussy gushes cum all over Richard’s face and finger.

After Daisy cums she starts rubbing Richard’s arm, neck, and back as she looks into his eyes. “Richard, I want you to make my fantasies come true.” Richard’s eyes widen as Daisy continues, “My dream is to lose my virginity to a tentacle. But, first, I want you to get some kind of cosmetic surgery, so you have a tentacle. Then fuck me with it. I’m sure you can turn your dick or arm or something into one.”

Richard is shocked, “I want to please you with my dick.”
“Fine, keep your dick and fuck me with that too. Yay! I get tentacle and dick.”
“Slow down, sexy, I never heard of this being done, I don’t know-“
“You got money. You got the internet. Figure it out so I can cum all over you. Don’t you want to take my virginity?”
“Yes, ma’am! I’m on it!”
“Good, let me know when you book the surgery! I don’t want to hear from you until then!”

Richard craves Daisy more than ever after tasting her sweet pussy and watching her scream in pleasure from his tongue. He is determined to do whatever it takes to fuck her tight virgin pussy.


Daisy does Bedtime

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