Sexy Smurfette Bodypaint Cosplay with Smurf Sex Story

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Smurfette is the most popular girl in Smurf Village, and it’s not just because she is sexy. Smurfette is also kind and obedient. Her chores include sweeping the floor, planning parties, and putting a smile on Papa Smurf’s face.

But wait…  there’s more!  Smurfette got a job at the Village Strip Club!  Wanna see a sexy smurf? Check out Daisy Chain Cosplay‘s Smurfette Bodypaint Cosplay and learn more about her smurfy sex story.

Sexy Smurf - Smurfette Bodypaint Cosplay
Smurfette Bodypaint Cosplay - Daisy Chain Cosplay

Stripper Smurfette

Smurfette is so excited!  Tonight is her first night at the club.  She is thinking about how horny and happy she will make the men of Smurf Village.  Her pussy is getting so wet!  Smurfette spreads her legs and starts rubbing her clit.  It feels so good, but Smurfette wants to feel even better!

She takes off her clothes, gets on all fours, then reaches around fingering her pussy…


Sexy Smurfette on all fours fingering pussy

Papa’s Surprise

Papa Smurf, the Village Strip Club manager walks into the strip club dressing room.

“Smurfette!  We talked about this.  Save your wet pussy for our customers!  You are here to work.  Not to play.”

“But Papa”, Smurfette rebuts, “I am so excited to please the men of Smurf Village tonight, I can’t think straight! The only way I can do a good job is to cum before I hit the floor.”

Papa Smurf takes a deep breath and looks into Smurfette’s eyes, “Oh sweetie, you used to always be so obedient. Now that you have become such a sexy smurf, I am afraid it is going to your head.

However, I want to make you happy, and looking at your juicy smurf berry makes me hungry! Get up on the counter, spread your legs, and I will help you out.”

Sexy Naked Smurf

Join my army to see video of me bodypainting myself as Smurfette!!!!

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Smurf Berrylicous

“Oh, Thank you Papa!”, exclaimed Smurfette as she followed his instructions. She laid completely naked on the dressing room counter with her legs spread wide.

“Since you are at work, I am going to take this opportunity to train you to be even better at turning on men”, explained Papa Smurf.  “Rub your clit and beg me to lick your smurf berry.  Tell me how badly you want to feel my tongue in your pussy.”

Smurfette started rubbing her clit and began to moan, “My pussy is so wet and I am so horny!  Please make me cum in your mouth, Papa!  I want  your white beard dripping with my sweet cum!”

“Good job Smurfette”, said Papa Smurf as he approached Smurfette. He put his hands on her shaky thighs and began licking her pussy.

Her pussy gushed delicious cum into Papa’s mouth and all over his face as she screamed, “Yes Papa!  Yes!  Oh my goodness!  I love your tongue!  Make me cum all over your face! Yes!!! Yes!!!”

Papa then moved his tongue to her clit as he slowly slid a finger inside her pussy.  He could feel her wet pussy tightly clinging to his finger, as he slid his finger in and out.


Sexy Smurfette Bodypaint Cosplay | Daisy Chain Cosplay

Virgin Smurfette?

“Wow, Smurfette! Your pussy is really tight! Have you ever had a dick in it?”

“No, Papa. I have had men play with and taste my pussy, but have not had sex yet. You told me not to have sex until you said it was okay”, explained Smurfette.

“You are such an obedient girl!”, boosted Papa Smurf. “You are such a horny slut, I assumed you had fucked someone by now.

Although there is no sex in the Champaign Room, there is a special luxury room in the back where you will have to have sex with our high-level clients. I better prepare your pussy for work.  Don’t worry, you are going to love it!”

Sexy Smurfette - Daisy Chain Cosplay

Pop That Smurf Berry

“I am so excited to finally feel a dick in me!”, said Smurfette.

“Oh sweetie”, replied Papa Smurf, “You don’t want to lose your virginity on all fours!  And I want to look into your eyes when I pop your smurf berry.  Go lay on your back, on the floor.”

Smurfette followed Papa’s instructions, her bare ass on the dressing room floor.  Papa leaned over Smurfette and rubbed her clit as he slowly slid his cock inside her hot, wet pussy.  She screamed so loud, a bouncer came back to check on her.

“Hefty, since your back here, come help me train Smurfette”, said Papa to the bouncer.

“What would you like me to do, sir?”, asked Hefty.

“Lick and rub on Smurfette’s tits.  And you can rub her clit too if you want”, explained Papa Smurf.

“My pleasure!”, said Hefty.

Smurfy Three-some

Hefty sucked on Smurfette’s nipples and rubbed her clit as Papa fucked her pussy.

“You are such a lucky Smurf!”, Papa said to Smurfette, “You have two experienced men pleasing you.”

“Oh my goodness!  You guys make me feel so good!  I wish we could have sex all night.”, said Smurfette.

“Well you do have a job to do and I want to be careful, so I will cum in your mouth, not your pussy.  Hefty worked so hard to help you cum all over my dick.  Let’s show him gratitude and let him fuck you from behind, while you suck my dick.”

“Yes, sir!”, said Smurfette.

Wanna Know What Happens Next?

Comment below on this post and let me know you want a part 2 and I will make it for you!

If I get 10 comments on this post, I will paint myself as Smurfette again and make a part 2!


Join my army to see me painting myself as Smurfette! Video is being released Monday 12/20!!!

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    Yes please, more Smurfette!

    • Daisy Chain

      xoxo I am about to go live on OFs painting myself for SHe-hulk!


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