Pokemon Sex Story – Misty Gets Turned Out

by | Dec 6, 2021 | Fan Fiction, Pokemon

Misty’s Stripping Journey


Misty is studying up on water Pokémon strategies to prepare for the next competition. It is Misty’s dream to be the best Water Pokémon Master that the world has ever seen! Nothing can stand between Misty and her goals.

Just as she was learning advanced water Pokémon attacks, Ash comes rushing through the door. “Misty! I just found out the Ultimate Water Pokémon Competition is going to be near Mirage Kingdom, and the competition begins in just two weeks!”

Misty - Pokemon Erotic Fanfic

“Ash, I just checked online; between travel and hotel, it’s gonna cost $2,500. I only have $250 saved. Where will I get that kinda money in just two weeks?!?”

Misty Art - Pokemon

“Hmm…  Misty I have an idea!

Do you trust me?”

Misty Fanfic - Pokemon

“Pulled down your shirt in the front. I need to see something.”

Misty Pokeball Boobs - Pokemon

“How’s this, Ash?”

“Perfect! Just as I suspected! Misty, you have beautiful boobs! And they are going to help us get to the Ultimate Pokemon Competition. Working as a stripper will keep you in shape and get us the money we need!”

Ash Drools
Misty in a Pokeall Bra

“Then sign me up! Where do we begin?”

Misty Stripped


Ash recently met a new friend named Henry, who has a stripper pole in his bedroom.  Ash asked if Misty could come over to practice. Henry agreed, under one condition. Misty must let him watch and take pictures. Not wanting to miss the essential water Pokeman competition, Misty reluctantly agreed.

“How did I do?”

Horny Misty Sticker

“You look beautiful!”

Ash Drools

“Thanks, Ash!”

Big Tittie Misty


“Misty, you look really hot, but at the club, you won’t be able to wear so many clothes. Try again in just bra and panties.”


Unsure what to do, Misty looks over to Ash. Ash tells her, “Henry is right. You are going to have to get used to dancing naked in front of men that are strangers. Dancing in your bra and panties seems like the logical next step. Misty agrees and strips down to her bra and panties.

Misty Gets Excited

Misty in Bra and Panties on a Stiper Pole

“How am I doing, guys?” asks Misty. Henry is quick to respond, “Let me see you do the one where you hold your legs up and spread them. But this time, hold it a little longer… Yeah, just stay like that as long as you can. You have to be strong for the competition”.

“That is very thoughtful of you, Henry!”, exclaimed Ash. “Misty, don’t be a brat. Thank Henry for all his help”. Misty responds, “Thank you, Henry!”

Misty Legs Spread

Henry walks over to Misty, while she holds that position. He takes his finger and starts rubbing it beside her g-string. “Wha-what are you doing?”, asks Misty. “Relax, it feels good right?”, Henry responds as he slowly slides his finger under Misty’s g-string. Misty begins to moan. Her panties are getting wet. Henry licks a finger on his other hand and uses his wet finger to rub Misty’s clit as he slowly slides the tip of his other finger inside her. Misty is screaming with pleasure, “Oh my g-d Henry! That feels so good!”

Ash comes over and takes off Misty’s bra. He gently rubs her chest and her nipples. “Wow, Misty, you really do have nice tits!”

Misty loves having her pussy touched!

Misty’s arms get tired, and she comes down off the pole.

“Here Misty, I have a pillow for you”, says Henry, “see how far you can arch your back”

Pokemon's Misty on all fours
Pokemon's Misty on all fours - back arched

“Good girl!” says Henry as he rubs her ass. Ash comes over and slides Misty’s g-string to the side. He slowly slides his finger inside her as Henry rubs her ass with one hand and her nipple with the other. “Oh my g-d Ash, your finger feels so good inside me. Please do it a little faster. Ash complies. He can feel Misty’s body tremble as she screams louder and louder, and his finger gets wetter and wetter. He doesn’t stop until Misty comes.

“Ash, can I see what your cock feels like?”, asks Misty. “I never felt a cock before.” “Of course you can Misty! But first, take your g-string off.”

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Misty Pussy Squirt

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Misty Gets Turned Out

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