Vampirella Cosplay, Quotes, and Backstory

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Vampirella Comics 

Vampirella issue #1 came out in September of 1969. Vampirella originally came from a planet named Drakulon. Drakulon has two suns and is home to an entire race of vampires.

Drakulon was once a vampiric paradise complete with rushing rivers of blood. Until the planet is plagued by drought. Thus, at the beginning of Vampirella’s story, many of her race is dying.

Vampirella Cosplay with BN Photography

Photographer: BN Photography
Vampirella: Daisy Chain Cosplay
Location: Orlando, FL

Who is Vampirella?

Vampirella is a sexy alien vampire who came to Earth to save people! Although she feeds off the blood of men, she is still a good person who will only sacrifice the lives of bad guys.

Vampirella’s race is called Vampiri and Chaos is the crazy G-d that corrupted Dracula.

Vampirella Cosplay with Fred Staten Studios

Photographer: Fred Staten Studios
Vampirella: Daisy Chain Cosplay
Location: Jackson, MS

Blood-Red Queen of Hearts

Blood-Red Queen of Hearts, also referred to as the Whore of Babylon, served Chaos as a high priestess.

One day the Blood-Red Queen of Hearts asked Chaos to make her his queen.  He responded by punishing her.  She no longer has a human form, but still longs to be Chaos’s queen.


Dracula was also from Drakulon, but he went evil. In contrast, Vampirella is a good-hearted Vampire who helps humanity by ridding the world of evil people.

Vampirella’s Quest

Vampirella is concerned about her race is dying out due to the drought. Then, an Earthling space ship vrashes on Drakulon and attack Vampirella. She finds out that she can feed on their veins and uses the crashed ship to find Earth in hopes of saving her people.

Vampirella Cosplayers at Megacon

Photographer: Victorieux Photography
Traditional Vampirella: Princess Lymarie
Blonde Vampirella: Daisy Chain Cosplay
Location: Megacon in Orlando, FL


Vampirella was originally published by Warren Publishing, but they went bankrupt and in 1983 Harris Publications purchased their holdings, including Vampirella.

Princess Lymari

I love playing and working with other cosplay models and Princess Lymarie is one of my favorites! She is a fun and sexy woman with lots of super rad cosplays! Be sure to check out her other cosplays!

Daisy Chain Cosplay

I am America’s #1 cosplay slut!  Wanna see Vampirella naked?  Join my army!

I am releasing Vampirella pole dance, striptease videos this month! You don’t wamt to miss this!

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