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by | Jan 6, 2022 | Sexy Cosplay

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Everyone loves nerdy girls with boobs and booty.  So, check out these sinfully seductive hot cosplay babes!  Model pages are linked!

Daisy Chain Cosplay - Hot Cosplay Babe

Daisy Chain Cosplay

I am America’s #1 cosplay slut and I can help you bust a nut!  Find out more about your cosplay queen and #soMetal twerker!

Daisy’s Twitter | OnlyFans | Facebook

Hot Cosplay Babe Amanda Nicole - Sally

Amanda Nicole

Amanda Nicole is a 26-year-old model and social star with a big round booty! After divorcing a Naval Officer, her voluptuous bod broght her fame and fortune via IG.

Amanda’s IG | Website | Twitter

Sushii Xhyvette - Sushii Booty

Sushii Xhyvette

Sushii is a cosplay cutie with a famous booty!  She is also a horror actress, fetish model, and all-around fun girl.  Check out my interview with Sushii!

Sushii’s Twitter | OnlyFans | IG

Peony Felicity Pink - Hot Cosplay Girl

Peony Felicity Pink

What a hot cosplay babe!

Peony’s IG

Britney Siren's Bikini Iron Man

Britney Siren

Britney Siren is a geeky gamer girl, cosplayer, and nude model.  This hot cosplay girl is 5’7″, 140 pounds, and searing with sex appeal!  

Britney’s Twitter | OnlyFans | YouTube

Hana Bunny Cosplay

Hana Bunny Cosplay

Hana Bunny Cosplay is a curvaceous cosplayer, whose creativity will wow you!

Hana’s Twitter

Jessica Nigri - Hot Cosplay GIrl

Jessica Nigri

Jessica Nigri is a sexy bombshell and one of the most famous cosplay babes!

Jessica’s IG

Ivy Doomkitty

Ivy Doomkitty

The nerdy and curvy bombshell everyone wishes they could get into!

Ivy’s Twitter

Angie Griffen - Ghostusters

Angie Griffin

Angie Griffin is a Californian cutie with boobs and booty!

Angie’s Twitter

Hot Velma Cosplay by Trash Queen

Trash Queen

Trash Queen is a sexy cosplayer, anime enthusiast, gamer girl, and weight lifter.  You gotta check out her body!

Pokemon Sex Story Video with me and Trash Queen

Trash Queen’s Twitter | OnlyFans | YouTube

Ivy Cosplay - Wonder Woman

Ivy Cosplay

Ivy cosplay is a famous cosplay model.  She looks so much like the new wonder woman!

Check out my Pokemon shoot with Ivy and MC Illusions Photography.

Ivy’s IG | Facebook



She makes a sexy Spider-Girl!

CutiePieSensei’s IG

Yaya Han

Yaya Han

Everyone loves some Yaya!  She is one of the most successful cosplay babes and even has her own fabric line!

Yaya’s Website

Genevieve Marie's Booty

Genevieve Marie

Who else wants to smack that booty?

Genevieve’s IG

Omg Cosplay

OMG Cosplay

Her adorable smile and sexy body will have you begging for mercy!

OMG’s Website

Rubyr Rapture - Scooby Doo

Ruby Rapture

If you like boobs and booty, Ruby Rapture has what you looking for!

Ruby’s IG

Hot Cosplay Babe - Tara Babcock

Tara Babcock

This gamer girl and hot cosplay babe is sure to wake up your willie!  She has huge tits,  a beautiful face, and isn’t afraid to flaunt her assets!

Tara’s Twitter | OnlyFans | YouTube

Hot cosplay by Victory Cosplay

Krissy Victory

Krissy Victory is a sexy cosplay chick who is best known for her overwatch cosplays and banging body.

Krissy’s Twitter


Sexy Goth Sushi

Gothic Sushi

Gothic Sushi is a hot cosplay babe, tattoo artist, and illustrator.  She also has the same birthday as me! Find out what happened when me and Gothic Sushi went to Inked and Geeked fest.

Gothic’s Facebook | Website | Twitter


Princess Lymarie - Hot Slave Leia

Princess Lymarie

Princess Lymarie is a cosplayer, Star Wars fanatic, and all-around fun girl!  Check out my Vampirella shoot with Princess Lymarie.

Lymarie’s Facebook | StoreEnvy

Pearl Peony - Cow Bikini

Pearl Peony

I’d drink her milk!

Pearl’s Twitter


Momo Kun

What do you wanna put in her mouth?

Momo’s Website



OhMySophii is a sexy cosplay babe, gamer girl, and expert cosplay creator.

OhMySophii’s Twitter

Hot Cosplay Babe - Ryuu Lavitz

Ryuu Lavitz

Ain’t she adorable?

Ryuu’s Facebook

Who’s missing from the list?  Comment your favorite cosplay girls below so I can add them!

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Daisy Chain Cosplay Nude

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