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Hi, I’m Daisy Chain Cosplay!  I am your twerking cosplay queen; so pledge your allegiance to me!

My goal is to be the best cosplay slut the world has ever seen!  Support My Goal

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Sexy Topless Stormtrooper

Daisy’s Bio

I am originally from South Florida.  I lived in Broward county, about one block from the beach!  Then, in 2019 I moved to the hills of Tennesse.  Yeehaw!

I was a stripper, on and off, from 2000 to 2019.  Although I no longer work at the club, I still strip and pole dance for my fans!

I have a lot of skills and use them all to create a magically erotic experience for my fans and, most importantly, for my loyal troops.  Join My Army today and you will be handsomely rewarded!

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Favorite Colors: green and pink

Favorite Band: In This Moment

Bra Size: 32DDD

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Popular Cosplays

Harley Quinn

I have done so many Harley Quinn Cosplays!

Harley Quinn Booty - Daisy Chain Cosplay
Velma Cosplay - Daisy Chain Cosplay


Jinkies!  Velma got a big booty!!!

Big Booty Velma

Stripper Velma

Big Boob Velma

Daisy Chain Cosplay - Thong and gun

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NSFW Cosplay

Slut Style!

I use creativity and a slutty attitude to bring your favorite characters to life, and into your fantasies!

Pole Dancing

Cosplay Stripper

Watch pole dance strip tease videos!  I strip as your favorite characters and sometimes as myself!

Erotic FanFic

Making Your Dreams

I am articulate, horny, and great at imagery!  I play the lead female role in erotic fanfic videos!!!


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Daisy's New Metal Pole Dance

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Let me excite you today xoxo

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(Lube Not Included)

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Misty is studying up on water Pokémon strategies to prepare for the next competition. It is Misty’s dream to be the best Water Pokémon Master that the world has ever seen! Nothing can stand between Misty and her goals.

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